Hair Regrowth Treatment

Roots Salon Professional

Size: 60 ml


Roots Ultra High Purity Minoxidil 5% Roots, Inc is excited to bring the salon industry our FDA approved 5% Minoxidil topical, clinically proven to grow hair. Designed to be used with Power UpTM and D-StressTM, users experience greater hair growth, length, and strength then using just 5% Minoxidil alone. Our Ultra High Purity Minoxidil is made here in the USA and triple batch tested to ensure shelf stability of the Minoxidil for the highest possible efficacy.Note: While the label claim is just for men, 5% Minoxidil has a history of being recommended and used by women. An updated FDA monograph shows that 5% Minoxidil is safe and tolerated by women. In keeping with all current regulations, Roots 5% Minoxidil says just for men.