Grid Structural Hold Setting


Size: 5 oz.


When things need to go according to plan, use GRID, our lightweight, 24-hour setting spray that gets hair in formation. A stand-out finisher with style memory to lay the foundation for long-lasting blow-outs or curling iron sets.

Good for: Long lasting styles no matter what type of hair you have; moisturizing and nourishing while keeping your style intact.Spray evenly on damp hair, then blow dry. Flat iron or curl if desired. With 450ยบ heat protection. For most-structured results, use only when styling with heat. *Insider tip* mist second day hair with water bottle then spray GRID over top and blow dry in, then style as desired.

Highlight Ingredients: Propylene Glycol, a versatile moisturizer that promotes water retention and prevents waterless. Styling Polymer, this advanced complex thickens and protects hair against damaged caused by heat styling tools.