Strength Cure Holiday Box 2020


Size: 9 oz


Limited Edition - Available while supplies last.
9 oz Strength Cure Shampoo
9 oz Strength Cure Conditioner
5.1 oz Miracle Filler
1.2 oz Refresh and Go Dry Shampoo

Fortifying formula of Strength Cure Shampoo & Conditioner helps heal hair for the perfect balance of strength and velvety softness with extraordinary color protection. Miracle Filler is a reparative treatment that strengthens hair's cuticle and protects from heat with extraordinary color protection. Topped off in this kit is Refresh and Go Dry Shampoo for those in between days. Absorbs excess oil allowing you to go one more day between shampoos. Great for post workout, too. And with this size, easy to pop in your purse and go!