Emergin C Earth Hydrating Crean

InSkin Cosmedics

Size: 50 ml


New Formula - EmerginCs earth ultra-hydrating phytelene cream with CHRONOCYCLIN.A hydrating, nourishing cream with clinically-studied plant-based phytelene minerals, antioxidants and vitamins designed to actively help fight the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Also contains Chronocylin,to help optimize vitamin D biotransformation.What's in it? CHRONOCYCLIN, a chronopeptide which mimics sun exposed activation of circadian genes, a 24 hour internal clock for Vitamin D formation, cellular repair and renewal.Why is it different? Usually vitamin D in skin care products is animal derived. Our earth cream is different because we incorporate a new peptide which helps synthesize vitamin D on the skin.How do new ingredients work?Naturally, our bodies work on a circadian (internal) clock rhythm. It tells us when to wake up, time to sleep, time to eat, and when exposed to sunlight works genetically to spark plug vitamin D synthesis in skin. Vitamin D is important for skin health to help improve acne, boost collagen production and help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Clinical studies on Chronocylin have shown to increase cell renewal and regeneration, microcirculation and vitamin D production on the skin.Why is it better?Our earth cream is better because it not only contains our phytelene minerals for collagen production but now helps aid the skin in vitamin D formation with Chronocylin. This is a great choice for those looking for vitamin D in their skin care.Benefits: Helps regenerate skin cells and enhances microcirculation (detoxification and nutrient delivery)Strengthens skins natural defense against UV rays, pollution and environmental aggressors. Fights the appearance of fine lines and wrinklesA co-factor in the production of collagen and elastinImproves tone and textureIdeal for normal or dry skin.