GHD Mini



A hair styling hero for short hair and fringes, the ghd mini styler has all you loved about the original styler but with narrower ½ inch plates - it's worth noting that 'mini' only applies to the plates and the body length of the device remains the same. These slimline floating plates allow easier access to shorter strands, meaning they won't make your fringe 'stick out', and in combination with the slender rounded barrel they're also excellent for creating tight bouncy curls. In tandem with ghd's research-backed optimum styling temperature of 185ºC (cooler temperatures deliver poorer styling results while hotter ones can cause irreversible, unnecessary hair damage), the tool features advanced ceramic heat technology to ensure this temperature is evenly distributed across the plates - oh, and they heat up in just 30 seconds! Putting an end to those heart-wrenching 'did I leave my straighteners on' moments, these safety-conscious stylers automatically switch off after 30 minutes (phew!) - plus they have a heat-resistant protective plate guard so you can take these out and about without risk of burns. What's not to love?