DC - Wave Maker Touchable Texture Whip 5oz

Deva Curl

Size: 5 oz


Touchable Texture Whip

Is It For Me?

If you want an effortless way to get touchable, wavy texture that lasts, the answer is yes!

What Does It Do?

This light and airy whip, made with moringa seed and passion flower extracts, gives consistent waves and frizz control every time you use it. Plus, it feels like there’s nothing in your hair at all!

How Do I Use It?

Smooth a nickel-sized amount onto wet or damp waves. Scrunch waves all over with a t-shirt then airdry or use the DevaFuser. Once dry, tousle roots with fingers for extra volume.

Key Ingredients: Moringa Seed, Passion Flower

What’s NOT in it: Sulfates, Parabens, Silicones