AQ - Freezing Foam - 7oz.


Size: 7 oz


What it is

  • Styling foam infused with powerful polymer technology and hair strengthening sea botanicals for firm hold and lasting structure
Why you should use it

  • Ideal for making fine, thin hair appear thicker and fuller
  • To create styles when extreme hold and firmness is required
  • Stays firm until shampooed out
When to use it

  • Use on wet hair as a styling or setting foam to create maximum fullness and lift
  • Use on dry hair to create random texture and separation
How much to use

  • Start with a small amount (one or two pumps) and re-apply as needed depending on the thickness of the hair and the amount of volume and hold desired
How to use it

  • Only apply to the section about to be blow dried because the product dries quickly
  • Continue re-applying to individual sections while creating the style
  • For texture on dry hair, apply one pump of foam into the palm and emulsify thoroughly
  • Run the product through the hair to encourage hair to flow in the desired direction¬†
  • Reapply as needed