MopTop Curly Hair Custard



Want braver waves, more courageous curls, extra-confident kinks? MopTop’s Curly Hair Custard is the lightweight, curl enhancer you’ve been waiting for.

Natural curl-enhancing ingredients, like honey, nettle, and silk amino acids, rejuvenate wavy and curly hair for frizz-free definition and glossy shine. For textured hair that craves moisture, this custard infuses curls and coils with restorative aloe and sea botanicals, leaving locks smooth and silky with weightless lift. With a refreshing Citrus Kumquat scent, you and your hair will feel energized throughout the day and into the night.

How to Use

Apply section by section to wet (or just shy of dripping-wet) hair, scrunch, and let dry or “set” until about 80% dry. Scrunch to “release” the set. Curls like to be together and will separate if you scrunch or touch too much before almost dry. Once it has set, you may work with it without creating more frizz. May also be used to smooth dry fly-aways. A little goes a long way!