AQ - Freezing Spray - 10oz.


Size: 10 oz


What it is

  • Ultimate tool for creating long lasting style retention
  • Powerful hold hairspray is never sticky or tacky
Why you should use it

  • Ideal tool for locking in the final style while delivering maximum shine
  • Protects hair’s natural moisture balance as it locks out humidity
When to use it

  • Designed for use on dry, freshly-styled hair
  • Complete style with an overall mist to achieve the ideal level of hold, polish and shine
How much to use

  • Spray until the desired level hold is achieved, which depends on the length and thickness of the hair
How to use it

  • Always spray from at least 8-10 inches away to achieve maximum performance and ultimate hold
  • The further away it is sprayed, the drier the spray will be when it hits the hair creating the ultimate level of hold and control