AQ - Molding Megagel - 6oz.


Size: 6 oz


What it is

  • Innovative styling gel combines two powerful holding agents to deliver strong control with a high-gloss finish

Why you should use it

  • Excellent for short to mid-length styles
  • Ultra-light, yet powerful holding agents deliver strong control with firm-hold
  • Hair strands will remain flexible and pliable while not weighing the hair down

When to use it

  • Apply on freshly shampooed, towel-dried hair

How much to use

  • Apply a quarter-sized amount into palm
  • Be sure to use enough to ensure even product distribution

How to use it

  • Apply in quarter sized amounts and emulsify in hands and between fingers
  • Blow dry individual sections to build volume using your favorite Ergo brush
  • Begin at the roots and work toward the ends
  • When all sections are dry, brush through to blend the sections
  • Can also be used to mold hair into shapes, then allowed to dry naturally¬†