DC - Super Stretch - 8oz.

Deva Curl

Size: 8 oz


Why You Need It

When you need to elongate, define and moisturize curls—all in one step, this is your go-to styler! The coconut oil-enriched formula has a lush, velvety texture that combines the moisture of a cream with the hold of a gel to weightlessly elongate curls without compromising definition. And the addictive coconut scent will transport you to your favorite vacation spot!

Can Super Stretch be used on all curl types?

Super Stretch is best for curly and super curly hair types who are looking to elongate their curls.

Does Super Stretch define curls?

Yes, Super Stretch defines curls and can also be used to elongate curls without losing definition.

What is the fragrance?

Super Stretch has a creamy coconut scent that is luxurious and addictive.