AQ - SeaEx Volumizing Fix Hairspray - 8oz.


Size: 8 oz


What it is

  • Natural-feel finishing spray maintains shape long after you touch and tousle
  • Creates visible volume while keeping previously styled hair in place
Why you should use it

  • Ultimate ColorCare with UVA/UVB protection for prolonged haircolor vibrancy
  • Thermal-V technology that seals out the cuticle to lock out heat and humidity, blocking frizz
  • Creates an ultimate volumizing look with a “no product” feel
When to use it

  • On dry, freshly styled hair
How much to use

  • Spray until the desired amount of volume and texture is achieved, which depends on length and thickness of hair
How to use it

  • Spray from at least 8-10 inches away, and in short bursts over finished hairstyle to achieve maximum performance