DC - No-Poo Blue - 12oz.

Deva Curl

Size: 12 oz


Anti-Brass Zero Lather Curl Cleanser

Is It for Me?

If you have lightened or highlighted curls and want to kick brassy tones to the curb, this blue-hued cleanser is for you!

What Does It Do?

Tones brassiness while cleansing! This non-lathering, conditioning cleanser with blue lotus flower and Smart Porosity Toning Technology helps equalize porosity for long-lasting, uniform toning. It leaves curls nourished, shiny, bouncy and vibrant.

What’s In It That Makes It Special?

Blue Lotus Flower- Aids in longevity of toning Smart Porosity Toning Technology helps to equalize porosity for more uniform toning. No-Poo Blue has a refreshing aquatic scent with a hint of blue lotus flower.

How Do I Use It?

Wet curls thoroughly. Evenly distribute a generous amount of cleanser from roots through ends and massage scalp with your fingertips. For maximum toning, leave in 2-3 minutes. Make sure to rinse out thoroughly by massaging your scalp again as the water runs over your curls. Follow with your favorite One Condition. Use every 2-3 washes, alternating with your regular cleanser.

Who needs No-Poo Blue?

This cleanser is great for curlfriends with lightened or highlighted wavy, curly, or super curly hair who want to reduce brassy tones. No-Poo Blue will also help reduce unwanted orange tones and brighten up hair color overall on brunettes who: have lighter balayage, ombré, or conventional highlights, have lightened their hair completely, or have a combination of lighter hair with highlights.

What is the difference between blue cleansers and purple cleansers?

If you look at the color wheel, each color can be neutralized by the color that is opposite it on the wheel. Purple is opposite yellow. Lighter hair color has underlying yellow tones when lifted, which is why it’s ideal to use purple cleansers to help counteract those yellow tones. If you’re brunette, your hair has underlying orange tones when lifted. Blue is opposite orange on the color wheel which is why No-Poo Blue is the perfect cleanser to help reduce those brassy orange tones.

How often should I use No-Poo Blue?

Use every 2-3 washes, alternating with your regular cleanser, to tone brassiness. • For more toning, leave on for 2-3 minutes before rinsing• For best results, prep hair with Buildup Buster to help remove any surface buildup Make sure to follow with your favorite One Condition to lock in moisture and keep curls feeling soft and hydrated.